The Edelrid Atmosphere is a quality harness from Edelrid. Basically, it's the baby brother of the Edelrid Orion, Edelrid Solaris and Edelrid Cyrus harnesses. It uses the same technology – where instead of the tradition single piece of wide webbing in the waist and leg loops, it splits the webbing into several strands to dissipate forces and distribute weight more evenly across the band.
Instead of the Cyrus' five strands, the Edelrid Atmosphere has three. It's a slightly lighter, slimmer unit than the Orion. It also has fixed leg loops (that are extremely comfortable). So, if you like the Cyrus and you're after a pared down version, the Edelrid Atmosphere is for you.
3D-Vent Technology: unparalleled fit and wear comfort via 3D construction, optimal pressure distribution and maximum air permeability
15mm Slide Block buckle on waistbelt for secure and comfortable fit
3D-shaped leg loops with elastic mesh inserts mould snugly around the thighs
Abrasion protector for extra durability at tie-in point
4 symmetric fixed gear loops for perfect organisation
2 attachment options for ice screw clips
chalk bag loop
Climbing harnesses with 3D-Vent technology spread the load across more of the harness' surface area in contact with your body. This is why they're among the most comfortable harnesses on the market – because this tech lessens the pinching you get sometimes with other harnesses. Reinforced, High-quality padding reinforced with homogeneous stitched webbing ensures even load transmission over all areas of the harness. The anatomically shaped leg loops fit extremely well. The robust three-layer foam padding retains its shape even when subjected to pressure. And it’s air permeable to allow body heat and perspiration to escape.
XS    297g    64-79cm 45-50cm
S      315g 69-84cm    50-55cm
M 328g 75-90cm 55-60cm
L 377g 83-98cm 59-64cm


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