A simple, durable quickdraw set. Ideal if you are building up your first rack or the smallest and lightest weight equipment is overkill.

Both carabiners in this quickdraw come with keylock gates to help prevent snagging when unclipping from your harness or clipping in your rope. The top straight gate biner is for clipping your bolts or placed protection while the lower rope clipping biner has a bent gate to assist a clean clip! Both carabiners are different colours to help you easily identify them, handy when your mind is occupied with clinging on!

A rubber loop wraps around the sewn loop extender to help prevent the bent gate carabiner from inverting and reduces wear.


 Key features
  •  Keylock gate for non snag clipping
  •  12 mm x 11 cm sewn loop extender

Individual quickdraw weight:  89 g
Extender length: 11 cm
Total quickdraw length: 26.5 cm
Back length: 9 cm
Bent gate opening: 2.5 cm
Straight gate opening: 2.5 cm
CE0082 certified
Closed gate: 24 kN
Open gate: 9 kN
Minor axis: 8 kN


SKU 24540
Brand FIXE