Widely regarded as the best ulta-light tent pegs available, Helinox 'J-Stakes' by DAC Featherlite are standard equipment on the world's the best lightweight tents. J-Stakes give you a lighter backpack, zero rust stains and superior holding power. Formed from TH72M alloy via high pressure extrusion for incredible strength (yield strength exceeding 84,000 psi) with minimal weight. Bet your macho friends – see if they can bend one! We now stock two different sizes: Small J-Stakes – 160 mm long Small J-Stakes are sold in packs of four with USA made stainless split rings and come in two different widths: Standard version (HJS). Length 160 mm, width 11 mm, weight 10 grams. Wide version (HJMS). Length 160 mm, width 13 mm, weight 15 grams. Large J-Stakes (30t) – 300 mm long Large J-Stakes are great for supporting higher loads or in loose ground. In sand, the pegs can be buried completely for maximum resitance. Sold in packs of four with USA made stainless split rings. 300 mm long, 20 mm wide, weight 62.5 grams each. 4 pegs per pack


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