Designed by Rich Carlson and manufactured by BlueWater Ropes, the VT Prusik features a super tough, heat resistant Technora aramid sheath over durable nylon core strands. The core in this kernmantle design keeps the VT from flattening and binding up.

The VT performs well when used for ascending, self-belay while rappelling, as a traveling rope grab or in conjunction with a Prusik minding pulley in haul systems.

The VT is a versatile open-end prusik that can be used to tie:

  • Symmetric Prusik
  • Asymmetric Prusik (Schwabisch/Distal)
  • Valdotain Tresse
  • French Prusik


  7MM 8MM
Overall Length 32″ (81cm) 31″ (79cm)
MBS End to End 11.3 kN (2,500 lbf) 20 kN (4,400 lbf)
MBS Basket 22.6 kN (5,000 lbf) 29.5 kN (6,500 lbf)


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Barcode # 732670066115