Chalk Cartels climbing chalk is high quality, high content magnesium carbonate, less irritating on the skin, and priced 30% less than other luxury brands / high performance chalk. We don’t add fillers, extra drying agents or anything else. We made an amazing grind – our Guerrilla Grind, the perfect sticky mix of small chunks and fine powder. It coats your hands evenly on every dip so you can chalk up less and send more. Every eco-friendly package contains a prize inside.

  • Highest quality magnesium carbonate.
  • Eco-friendly packaging that is good for the environment.
  • Free of drying agents, fillers, heavy metals and bogus proprietary claims.
  • Mix of powder and chunks, ready to add to your chalk bag.
  • Prize in every bag - stickers, Temporary tattos, Mad Rock Chalk bags, bouldering chalk buckets, carabiners and quickdraws.
  • Net weight 250g


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Barcode # 748252318398