All-round alpine harness with 20 mm Slide Block buckles and laminated harness construction for multi-pitch routes and alpine tours. The SIRANA is manufactured in an environmentally-friendly and resource-saving way, which complies with the strict bluesign® system requirements.


3D mesh padding and soft webbing edges offer optimum comfort
Made of bluesign®-certified materials
Tie-in point with Dyneema wear indicator, which reveals internal red threads in case of increased abrasion
Soft Frame Construction for a wide force distribution offering more comfort with low weight and minimal pack size
20 mm Slide Block buckle on the waist belt that can be fully opened to make the harness easy and quick to put on
5 gear loops, 2 attachment options for ice screw clips, and a chalk bag loop at the back
Due to its size, the XS version has only 4 gear loops

Technical information

Weight: 236 g
Certification : EN 12277 Typ C
Attachment options for ice screw clips: Yes
Soft Frame : Yes

The harness features the innovative Soft Frame construction. Internal load-bearing straps facilitate a wide force distribution without being too noticeable. The combination of the 3D mesh padding and soft harness edges provides excellent comfort even when hangdogging.
20 mm Slide Block buckle on the waist belt and 15 mm Slide Block buckles on the leg loops (only SENDERO) can be fully opened to make the harness easier to put on when wearing skis or crampons.
3. An additional plus in safety comes from the robust Dyneema® abrasion protection with integrated wear indicator. With increased abrasion, red threads become visible, signaling to the user that it is time to replace the harness.


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