Sydney is one of the best cities in the world to live as a boulderer. There are few cities where you can live, work and study in a sprawling modern metropolis, and have excellent sandstone bouldering set among beautiful bushland within a short drive in every direction. When the climbing in Sydney is good, it’s world-class, with unmatched convenience. 

This guide is the first time that Sydney Bouldering has been documented in detail, with over 600 full-colour photo topos documenting 57 areas, descriptions of 2065 boulder problems, maps of how to get to each area, a list of the top 100 climbs and best 20 highballs, as well as hand-drawn topos of large areas like The Frontline, The Bidjigal, The Fear Factory, Nashville and The Burn. Authored by Mike Forward, this guide builds upon Peter Balint’s 2001 guide and contains many areas developed since Balint’s original guide as well as 15 new areas never previously documented online or in print.

Whether you’re visiting or have been bouldering in Sydney for some time, this guide is the best way to explore all the awesome crags Sydney has to offer. If you’re just starting out, use this guide to find out about all of Sydney’s classic easy and mid-grade climbs. And for seasoned Sydney crushers, the guide contains many hard problems that have never been documented anywhere, and a host of undone projects waiting for first ascents.

Not just a bouldering guide, it's your definitive bible to getting out and on the rock.
Buy it for yourself, or the climber in your life.

Key features:

  • 57 crags
  • 2065 boulder problems from V0 to V15
  • Over 600 colour photo topos of climbs 
  • List of Sydney’s top 100 boulder problems
  • List of Sydney’s top 20 highball boulders
  • History of Sydney bouldering
  • Access maps for all areas
  • Hand-drawn topos for large areas
  • Intuitive, easy to use layout
  • Alphabetical index and index by grade
  • A5 size

Published by Lofty Climbing


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