Maximum energy, lightweight format.

Ultra breakfasts are a spectacle of achieving design targets, developed with a clear purpose in mind.
We took our freeze-dried meals and made them lighter, with more even calories and less water required to rehydrate.
Not only that, but they’re ready instantly with cold or warm water, so they won’t slow you down.
Give your body all the nutrients it needs to perform in the most challenging environments.

This is for the adventurers. The record breakers. The boundary pushers.

This is Ultra.

Key Features:

  • 800kcal per serve
  • Lightweight - 160 grams per meal
  • High calorie-to-weight ratio
  • Only 130ml water required to rehydrate
  • Prepare anywhere - ready instantly
  • 25+ superfood ingredients
  • 80+ key nutrients with 30 vitamins and minerals
  • All natural ingredients


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