This innovation that originated in 2017 defeats the stigma that thin ropes are not durable. You don't need to carry one rope for practicing and another for redpointing. An innovative and extremely fine SBS sheath significantly prolongs its lifespan. The rope is, at the same time, soft enough and easy to work with. If you're looking for a devoted friend for sport climbing, this is your choice.


In addition to the standard finishing against water and abrasion, the sheath and CORE of the entire product is treated with the TENDON NANOTECHNOLOGY surface finish. Using the new progressive method of surface finishing called NANOTECHNOLOGY, TEFLON® EVO in the form of very small particles is applied to the rope sheath and very effectively prevents penetration of water, dust and other particles into the rope sheath which means that the water resistance and the abrasion resistance of the ropes are increased.



Rope diameter (mm) 9.2
Weight (g/m) 58
Number of UIAA falls 9
Max Impact Force (kN) 8.5
Sheath slippage (%) 0.1
Static Elongation (%) 6.5
Dynamic Elongation (%) 35
Knotability 0.9
Certification(s) CE 1019, EN 892
Type Single
Construction SBS


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