By Michael Meadows.

During the 1920s and 1930s, the first mass climbing movement in Australia emerged in southeast Queensland, along with a small, active cohort in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales. One significant element of the Queensland-centred movement was the high participation rate by women – a feature unparalleled anywhere else in the country at the time. This book offers the first detailed account of these virtually unknown pioneers of Australian rockclimbing along with the story of the development of climbing in Queensland after World War II. Part I explores the earliest known European ascents in Australia and the emergence of rockclimbing as a recreation before World War II. Part II focuses on climbing in postwar Queensland until about the late 1980s. The Living Rock features hundreds of never before published images

First edition 2015, Meadows. ISBN 9780992544010. Softcover. 378 pages.


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