Featuring a lightweight and durable plastic frame, the Y&Y Plasfun First belay glasses offer a comfortable and practical solution to neckache that is often related to belaying.
Boasting high transparency prisms for optimum vision, the Y&Y Plasfun Firsts' BK7 prisms offer superb optical performance, whilst a thin and ergonomic frame offers a wide peripheral vision.
Ideal for the gym or crag, the Plasfun First belay glasses can be used with prescribed spectacles or sunglasses thanks to their thin frame and come in a practical package that includes a microfibre cloth, spare screws, and strap.


- Lightweight and resistant plastic frame

- High transparency prisms for optimal vision: BK7 prisms have excellent optical performance, the refracted image is clear and not upside down

- Slightly adherent lining

- Flexible temples

- Compatibility with other glasses: Plasfun are compatible with most eyeglasses and sunglasses

- Wide peripheral vision: the frame is thin and allows you to keep everything around under control: side view to check your movements/downward view to check the rope and safety system

- Rigid bumper case with zip closure and harness clip

- Nose pads: large contact surface with the nose for greater stability suitable for dynamic safety

- Weight - 36g


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