Awesome Woodys™ Elephant Balls™ are the best training tools on the market for working open-hand grip strength and upper body power.  They come in three sizes, 80 mm, 90 mm and 100 mm in diameter for small through to larger hands and provide an excellent radius for open hand strength training.

From slope to pinch strength and core exercises,  Elephant Balls™ are simple in design but are an advanced rock climbing training tool that offers greater strength and power gains than your standard hanging tools.

The 2 knots in each cord allow the Elephant Balls to be hung in an offset position for use in offset hangs and pull-ups. The lower knots are adjustable alpine butterfly's. The three guide lines (shallow groves) allow for a little extra grip but, are used as a reference point to grip the ball in exactly the same position for each repetition. Used efficiently you will see gains in both power and strength to give you confidence with pinches and those evil slopers on rock!

Hand made in Australia from renewable plantation timber they are a challenging training tool while being skin and environmentally friendly.

Every set of Elephant Balls™ come with a guide sheet and two separate training programs to get you off the ground.

What size do I buy?

I suggest Large if:
I have small hands or I'm new to climbing/training for climbing.

I suggest X Large if: 
I have average to large hands and I can manage V5 boulders

I suggest Jumbo if:
I have hands as big as dinner plates or I'm a beast but I want to squeeze another 5 percent out of my training.   

Made in Australia


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