A hyper static and very durable 9mm rope for those who like to use a rope for more than only one trip.

The highly cut- and abrasion resistant fibers (Aramid & Dyneema) in the sheath and the lightweight core make this rope a perfect combination.

The thick rope sheath makes this rope very durable.

It floats, is light and very durable for its diameter.

The color is bright and very good visible.

A hyper static cord has minimal elasticity! It cannot absorb the energy of a fall!

Due to the high-strength and very static fibres, the rope cannot and is not certified according to personal protection equipment (PPE) to protect against falls from a height!
The ropes are tested according to EN564 but do not meet the diameter requirements of this norm which covers only ropes up to 8mm.

Swiss Made:
Proudly produced and developed in Switzerland by a certified manufacturer for personal protective equipment.
Longer ropes up to 500m on request.

Technical information:

  • Diameter: 9mm
  • Breaking strength: 21kN
  • Figure-8 knot strength: 12.5kN
  • Weight: 45g/m
  • Elongation (50kg-150kg): 1.6%
  • Sheath: 49% sheath mass, material: Aramid (Kevlar) & UHMPE (Dyneema)
  • Core: 51% core mass, material: Polypropylene

It is not recommended to use this rope for dry canyons in dry condition due to the Dyneema in the rope sheath.
However, tests have shown that abseils up to 50m on dry ropes with a standard sized figure-8 kind of device can not damage the rope fibers due to heat generated by the friction of the abseil device.


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