IMLAY CANYONEERING ROPE is made for the rigors of canyoneering. Tightly woven of 100% polyester for toughness and water-non-absorbance, our static rope has a tight, thick sheath that resists cutting and abrasion. The polyester core and sheath work together to make a nice handling, very static rappelling rope.

We bring the desirable properties of polyester static ropes to small-diameter pull-down cord, useful at times for greater efficiency when using single-rope-technique. While not as stiff as a proper rappelling rope would be, the essentially-static properties make difficult retrievals easier. 100% Polyester means less water absorption. Large enough that a Tibloc w/ (new) Attache carabiner will grab it. Almost strong enough to rappel on doubled (but not really).


  • Rated Strength: 2200 lbF
  • Weight: 30.2 g/m
  • Imlay Ropes are made in Canada, using fibers made in Korea.

Note: a pull cord is far less useful in a rescue situation than an actual 8+ mm static rope. Carrying a pull cord is for expert canyoneers in controlled conditions.



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