5.5 mm diameter hyperstatic and ultra light cord, intended to create ascension loops and temporary holds when caving or mountaineering.

The Dyneema® 5.5 mm cord is the ideal equipment for cavers or mountaineers who need to create an ascension loop or a temporary anchor point. The Dyneema®’s properties make it a very thin cord with very high abrasion resistance.

A very technical and multi-purpose product with a whole range of uses to assist your caving, climbing or mountaineering activities.

  • Suitable for creating ascension loops.
  • Lets you create secondary holds.
  • Very low elongation.
  • Extremely light.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Extraordinary traction strength.

Caution: given the Dyneema®’s relatively low fusion temperature, this cord must not be used to create self-locking knots.


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