Climbing can be more than just a sport; it can also be a passion, and your gear should reflect that. The E9 Rondo Short2.2 are designed to empower climbers of all levels, offering unbeatable comfort, mobility and style.

Bid farewell to uncomfortable, ill-fitting climbing shorts that hinder your performance. Embrace your climbing journey with shorts that are ready for every adventure, from the gym to the great outdoors!


Great Flexibility:

  • Made from a specialised blend of fabrics that provide extraordinary stretch and comfort.These shorts offer the freedom of movement needed for intricate climbing maneuvers.

Ideal Length:

  • With their just at or above the knee length, these shorts provide excellent coverage without compromising on breathability. Whether you're tackling a sunny outdoor route or an indoor climbing gym, these shorts can help keep you comfortable.

Comfortable Fit:

  • The elasticised waistband with an integrated drawstring guarantees a secure and customisable fit. Whether you're making a tough reach or simply relaxing between climbs, this helps them remain comfortable and secure.

Sleek Modern Design:

  • These shorts excel in performance and style. With their modern and minimalist design, they transition seamlessly from the climbing gym to everyday wear, ensuring you look great on and off the wall.


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