When it comes to climbing gear that offers the perfect blend of functionality and fashion, E9's crowd favourite Rondo Slim climbing pants stand out as the ultimate choice. These pants are meticulously designed to cater to climbers who demand superior performance and a sleek, modern aesthetic.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable, baggy climbing pants that hinder your performance. Elevate your climbing experience with the Rondo Slim climbing pants and focus on the exhilaration of the ascent.


Dynamic Flexibility:

  • The E9 Rondo Slim Climbing Pants are crafted from a specialised blend of materials that provide extraordinary stretch and durability. These pants move effortlessly with your body, allowing for dynamic and precise movements while climbing.

Streamlined Design:

  • The slim-fit design of these pants not only enhances your aerodynamics on the wall but also provides a stylish silhouette. The modern, sleek look transitions seamlessly from the climbing gym to your everyday life.

Comfortable Waistband:

  • The soft touch elasticised waistband with an integrated drawstring guarantees a secure and comfortable fit, adapting to your body's movements as you climb. You can focus on your ascent without worrying about adjusting your pants.

Practical Pockets:

  • With 3 pockets multiple pockets these pants provide ample storage for your climbing and life essentials.


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Brand E9