Rodcle Miraval 32L backpack

High quality and medium capacity padded backpack. Designed to carry comfortably, especially fitted for women. This backpack has been adapted to fit the build of women, meaning that the shoulder straps are less wide than the standard backpacks.

Some details come from the technical line of backpacks RODCLE: cover with exterior opening pocket with stainless zipper, protection of the bottom seam, quick release closures, padded shoulder straps and back, internal material holder, double stitching, lumbar support, etc. It also has the new lateral drainage system Hidraplus, elastic belt in the cap for easy adjustment, double tissue on the bottom, sides and lower front (areas of high friction).

It is made of materials with high flexibility, mechanical resistance to tearing, tension, shear, friction, etc.

Dimensions: Diameter 22×30 cm. Height 55 cm. It can store watertight containers of 3.5 and 6 liters.

Color: Lila
Size: 32 Liters


SKU 76643
Barcode # 2011232784000