The Racer Lodrino 40. L is our latest advanced technical model, it is a new concept of backpack for canyoning that will undoubtedly improve your experience in approaches and descents. It incorporates some variations that make it even more comfortable and increase its power of drainage to allow facing descents with large flows.

Designed for high-level athletes who need to use it for long periods of time, sometimes with a heavy load or in difficult places and situations. For this type of activity, you need a safe, resistant, functional, comfortable and quick-to-use backpack. The Lodrino 40. L is a very versatile model that makes it easy to work in all kinds of canyons, high flow, winter, long approaches, technical, much material, exploration, openings, etc. It maintains our traditional “L” fit, typical of the technical line and the shape of the Consusa model. Its useful capacity is 40 liters although it can be increased.

With the new design created for its backrest we achieve different advantages, on the one hand it gives it enormous comfort and improves the breathability of the back and drainage, on the other hand if we adjust it correctly it improves the load on the oblique and lumbar muscles, thus alleviating weight on the back. the shoulder blades and trapezius to rest the shoulders, the shape of its shoulder pads avoids friction in the neck area as much as possible.


  • Comfort Shoulders. Reduces contact at the neck level and improves the backpack's fastening to the body through the shoulder pads.
  • Hydraplus II X6. Evolution of our traditional Hidraplus drainage system with which the drainage capacity is further improved. 3 units on each side.
  • Drain-back. A new contribution from Rodcle to the world of Canyoning with which it greatly improves the breathability of the back and the drainage capacity.
  • AdaptiveAir. System already present in our Consusa and Takamaka models with which comfort, lightness and weight distribution between waist and shoulders are increased.
  • Dual Technology. System that consists of combining HF sewing and sealing technologies according to technical criteria.
  • CapacityPlus. System that allows the increase of the load capacity by raising the closing cover.
  • Easywork. System that allows the hard material to be transported neatly inside the backpack and to be able to remove it easily to work with it outside the backpack.
  • Security knows. New development by Rodcle to improve safety in descent, it allows the lumbar supports used in the approach to be stored in a compartment that prevents snagging during the descent.
  • Fixing Hole. System that allows the external fixation by means of accessories of the ice axes or additional loads.


  • Made in Spain
  • Dimensions: Diameter 32 x 26 cm. (Depth x Width). Height 57cm.
  • Capacity: 40L


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Shipping Weight 2.0000kg